In some cases, a bed bug problem can quickly become overwhelming. Bed bugs are great hitchhikers; from hotels, dorm rooms and apartments they catch a ride in luggage, boxes, and bags to what is known as a sacred place …YOUR BED. They are almost impossible to get rid of on your own. They infest every last thing you own: your sheets, your pillows, your mattress, your clothes! They bite you and leave blood marks and fecal stains everywhere. When they bite you in some instances they cause itching and welts. It is known that bed bugs do carry diseases but are not know to this date to transmit these diseases to humans. When it comes to household pests, bed bugs are in a different category entirely and a proper bed bug treatment is a necessary tool.

bed bug treatmentThat’s why you have to stop the bed bugs once and for all. With our thermal treatment, you can do that! Some bed bug treatments deal with the problem temporarily but fail to properly kill the eggs which means that they can come back to re-infest your home later. Our thermal bed bug treatment program is a one-time solution to get rid of your immediate bed bug problem.

The Thermal Bed Bug Treatment Process

First thing’s first — we will need to get you and your family safely out of the house so our technicians can begin. Economy Exterminators has a team of trained and North Carolina certified thermal technicians that will prepare the room for treatment. Our technicians set up thermal sensors, monitoring equipment, laser thermometers, and fans in the affected rooms. Once everyone is safely out of the house, the process can begin.

bed bug treatment equipmentThe temperature of your room will be raised above 125° Fahrenheit, which is the temperature needed to kill bed bug adults, bed bug nymphs, and bed bug eggs. To ensure that all bugs are eliminated, our team will need to keep the room at that temperature for three hours. We keep an eye on the temperature during that time and use our state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and sensors to ensure the heat is being evenly distributed across the room. We don’t want to leave any pockets of cooler air where bugs could potentially hide and survive.bed bug extermination bedroom mattress

At the start of the service, we will apply a residual material to any cracks or crevices at the baseboard area. This will ensure that if any bugs attempted to escape into the walls, they will contact the residual material as they try and escape. As a final step, we pack up our equipment and put your box springs and mattresses back on your bed frame. After a short cooling down period, you will be able to re-enter your home and begin living life bed bug-free!

Our Thermal Treatment Processbed bug treatment thermometer

  • The room is prepared by our NC certified technicians.
  • The temperature of the infested room is raised above 125° for 3 hours.
  • Temperature is monitored at various intervals in real time to ensure even heat distribution.
  • A residual chemical product is applied to the cracks and crevices (at the baseboard area).
  • The room is then ready for occupancy the same day!

Benefits of our Thermal Bed Bug Treatment

  • Latest technology for Bed Bug Elimination
  • Positive identification of Bed Bugs vs Bat Bugs (Ph.D. Entomologist on our staff)
  • Noise compression designed generator (We generate all Heat producing power, providing a lower cost to home and property owners)
  • Computer monitored sensors to ensure accurate heating
  • Print out of all sensors in treated rooms provided to clients
  • Less up front preparation by customers
  • Immediate use of structure after service
  • 30 day guaranteed service
  • Peace of mind elimination
  • NC certified technicians
  • Electronic heat analysis to clients
  • Scheduling priority for present clients
  • We use the very best heating equipment made by Temp Air Inc.
  • A liquid perimeter treatment is included

Contact the Bed Bug Exterminators

When you’re ready to begin, or if you have any questions, contact Economy Exterminators! We offer FREE EVALUATIONS with written recommendations and costs. This includes all locations: Charlotte, Raleigh, and Wilmington!

Economy Exterminators is the only local area pest control company with an in-house Ph.D. entomologist who can perform bed bug/bat bug identifications, bed bug treatment, and bed bug prevention. There is a difference!

He’ll make sure you’re getting the right treatments!

The Economy Advantage:

•    Latest technology for Bed Bug Elimination
•    Computer monitored sensors to ensure accuracy
•    NC certified technicians
•    A liquid inside perimeter treatment is included
•    Peace of mind elimination