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Question About Booklice

Q: I have these tiny bugs that keep showing up in my bathroom. I tried to look on the web for what they are and the closest i can get to what i see are book mites. On the internet they say that to get rid of them i have to keep my bathroom free […]

Interesting Information About Orb-Weaving Spiders

There is nothing more unsettling to one’s well-being than getting smacked in the face with a spider web when hiking through the woods in late summer and early autumn. If you’re alert and the angle of the sunlight is right, you canusually see the web before walking into it. According to Steve Willson, owner and […]

Bug News September 2012

You might want to think twice before you try to conquer those bedbugs yourself. The Federal Trade just filed deceptive advertising charges against the marketing departments of two companies that supply bed bug repellents. The companies claim that their products could prevent and eliminate infestations using natural ingredients, such as cinnamon and cedar oil.  One […]

Bug News August 2012

The dry weather has a lot of insects out hunting for water and that includes  honeybees and yellow jackets.   You may notice signs next to a water fountains at local parks warning people about yellow jackets in the area.  The yellow jackets collect water droplets from the bowl of the fountain.  Bees and wasps are […]

North Carolina Bug News! Bugs in the Sandbox

We have had reports from homeowners and childcare facility operators seeing “large yellow jackets” burrowing holes into the sand in play areas. This is obviously concerning due to the close contact with children. What people are seeing is likely one of the “Stictia” or “sand wasps. The sand wasp is a solitary wasp and the behavior […]

100 Holes To Make A Difference Golf Marathon

Economy Exterminators recently particitpated in the 100 Holes To Make A Difference Golf Marathon for the Cary & Kraft Family YMCAs. See our letter from YMCA about what our contribution has made for the community. If you would like to learn more about the success of the 2012 Golf Marathon, please visit the website. Display […]

Don’t Let “The Bed Bugs Bite” This Holiday Season

“Protect Yourself While You Travel this Holiday Season” If you are traveling this holiday season and are worried about the possibility of bringing bed bugs back home with you, fear not! There’s no need to be paranoid about bed bugs…however, it is a good idea to be informed and to stay aware. Here are a […]

Salvation Army’s “Christmas Cheer Program”

Each year, particularly at this special season, we at Economy Exterminators count our blessings and find joy in sharing with those in our community less fortunate. As in the past, in lieu of mailing Christmas cards, we are hand-delivering this letter and using the money saved on postage to make a contribution to the Salvation […]

Response to Canadian Study on Bed Bugs & Possible Disease Transmission

Since the resurgence of bed bugs in the 1990s, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has been advocating for funding for research on bed bugs, including most recently at the EPA’s Bed Bug Summit, the Congressional Bed Bug Forum and through direct visits with Members of Congress. With the dramatic resurgence of this pest and […]

What Our Customers Are Saying

In one hour, they were able to identify and fix the problem. We haven’t had a single mouse in our house or crawl space since the service. Very professional service techs who knew their business. I immediately contracted them to do our pest control in the future.

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