M.B. from Charlotte, NC wrote:

Our experience w this company for pest control went great.

W.H. from Charlotte, NC wrote:

Went well, showed up on time and was very knowledgeable of the job.

M.M. from Charlotte, NC wrote:

They did a great job!

M.D. from Charlotte, NC wrote:

I’ve tried to handle the problem myself, and hired 4 other reputable companies in Charlotte to attack the problem. I needed a solution that was more than spray the baseboards, spray the outside. I even told one company i have found them in the attic and they said “why do you care if they are in the attic?” Economy exterminators came out and created a plan to handle the problem. They had unique treatments for the chimney, crawlspace, attic space, roof soffits, exterior and interior. I have about 70 sticky traps around my house and they are finally clear. I can’t say enough good things about this company. They also actually answer the phone when you call them. They have been to the house 3x so far and have been prompt, courteous and professional.


C.C. from Huntersville, NC wrote:

We had mice exclusion work performed. They were supposed to screen each crawlspace vent for us with hardware cloth. However, the service received was sub par. We contacted the salesman to note our disappoint. The company could not have handled the situation better! The salesman responded right away to my email and was apologetic. We were immediately contacted by a manager who completely understood our disappointment and frustration. He was extremely professional and empathic. They had a service manager come out within a couple of days. He didn’t just correct the problems; he upgraded our service to install new vents! I will use this company again. I highly recommend them.

R.H. from Charlotte, NC wrote:

Found Economy Exterminators on The List. Once I realized early in the presentation that I would be paying a bit more annually, I kidded that they change their name to Expensive Exterminators, but realized in a short time why paying a bit more than I thought, was better than paying a bit less than I should (Zig Ziglar quote). Economy Exterminators (EE) comes out every TWO months, rather than every THREE months, which I bought into. Covering more pests than the others, yet seemed to have an Old School and reasonable approach to fixing problems. Here’s what got me today. After committing to EE, they came out for a full termite inspection and found no termites, BUT found two unrelated problems in my crawlspace that they took care of. Wow! Very professional from start to finish.

M.E. from Durham, NC wrote:

Excellent. The customer service has been great and the technicians have been very competent and professional. I needed extra service for a slight increase of those 747 roaches in between scheduled service and they responded quickly at no additional cost ( part of contract). Very pleased with overall service and worth the fair price. I gave them a “B” for price but in truth the competitive price is worth it considering the high quality of overall service.

R.L. from Matthews, NC wrote:
From the moment we contacted the company we were met with amazing customer service and professionalism. They provided a prompt estimate and scheduled the work shortly thereafter. The technician Trevor arrived on time. Not only did he work efficiently, but he was very personable and cheerfully answered all of our questions.
M.E. from Charlotte, NC wrote:

“Yikes! Yellowjackets in my front yard!  On Monday, I called Economy Exterminators because they had taken such good care of my Father for many years.  The associate who took my call was extremely helpful – she gathered my information and advised a rep would be out that same day (Mon) at 2:30 to review the situation and provide an estimate.  Tim arrived right on time – identified the nest area (from a distance) and we discussed options – no hard sell, just good information about treating the nest only vs. incorporating the service into a monthly program.  I chose nest only (we have no other pest issues) and he was fine with that.  Tim called his office and scheduled treatment for Wed 8 AM (only 2 days after my initial call).  Christian arrived Wednesday morning right on time, fully prepared to treat the nest. He explained to me what he would be doing and the products he would be applying (type/amount).  He communicated that I should remain indoors during and after treatment, and that there may be workers returning to the nest over the next few days and for us to stay clear of the area.  He then donned his protective equipment (bee suit/gloves/hat), located the nest entry hole, and treated the nest.  He clearly knew what he was doing and was comfortable with the process (safety protocol, etc.).  Subsequently, I received via e-mail my invoice which included documentation of solution/amount used, and Christian’s description of what he did.  From my vantage point (inside the house!), I could see there was an immediate reduction of yellowjacket activity after he left.  Christian did a great job and I suspect the queen has met her doom!  We should be yellowjacket-free by this weekend/early next week, and I will be happy to have my yard back! I would highly recommend Economy Exterminators to anyone – they are professional, courteous, timely, and effective.  Thank you, Economy!”

J.B. from Cary, NC wrote:

They provided service in a professional and quality manner.