Ted F from Raleigh wrote:

To Whom It May Concern:

It is our pleasure to highly recommend Economy Exterminators. Economy Exterminators has been our Pest Services provider for the last five years and continuing.

Our relationship began when Duke Realty acquired three office buildings in Raleigh that Economy had under contract with another management company. We were quickly impressed by Economy's professionalism, prompt response and effective service.

November 2004, we experienced a particularly challenging ant problem in a high profile building. Economy's owner, pest manager, and technician worked diligently to address this sensitive issue without interfering with our tenants' business. They worked closely with our staff and assured us that they would get the problem under control. Economy did just that! Soon after, we expanded our service contract to encompass forty-five buildings and nearly five million square feet of office and industrial properties in the Triangle market. Now, Economy handles 100% of our business.

By partnering with Economy Exterminators, pests are one less thing to deal with. Whenever a pest problem does occur, Economy is contacted and they respond, usually the same day but always within 24 hours and the Duke staff is free to go about their usual duties. Complete Customer Satisfaction is Duke's goal and Economy Exterminators helps us deliver this to all of our tenants.

I highly recommend Economy Exterminators to any company searching for a professional and responsive pest services company.

Betsy B from Cary wrote:

Andy K. takes good care of any problems I may have. He is always friendly, professional and efficient. The office staff is easy to work with also. I appreciate your company.

Jon D from Raleigh wrote:

To Whom It May Concern,

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how my experience with Economy Exterminators was. I am in the commercial landscape industry and customer service and follow through is paramount to our success (with our goal being to meet or exceed our customer's expectations). From the start, Economy Exterminators has exceeded my expectations. I recently discovered termite damage on the interior of my house. I had seen the cars driving locally and figured I would call to get a quote. I was unable to be present for the initial quote however, my girlfriend and roommate were available.

From the moment that they met John "K" they were impressed. Before they even opened the door to greet him, he had located the termites. Not only did he take the time to conduct a thorough investigation of both the exterior and interior of my house, but he also took the time to sit down with my girlfriend and roommate and fully explain the severity of the situation, how termites work, and what the solution for extermination was.

After speaking with my girlfriend, I called John for some more specific information. He was more than helpful and put me at ease with his explanation. Being that it is a fairly significant investment, I told John that I was going to get another quote from a competitor. After doing so and being thoroughly unimpressed, I called John back (about four days later). John told me that he had tried to do some research on the company that I called in and he could not find any information. I told him at that point, it was unnecessary and in fact, I never even called them back for their estimate. My mind was made up and I was going with Economy.

Johns follow through was impeccable as well. He provided assistance through every step of the process and continued to make me feel at ease. All too often, the customer becomes a secondary thought once the sale is complete and it was quite refreshing to work with a person that appreciated the sale. The workers also did a thorough job and I feel very comfortable with the work that was performed.

All too often, people only write letters when a job was done poorly and I just wanted to give a couple of thumbs up to John and the team at Economy Exterminators for realizing that in a tough economy, quality, service, and value are of utmost importance. You have certainly earned a reference!

Thanks again,

Jon D.

Joy B from wrote:

We have used Economy for a few years now, and they are great. Luann helps us when I call and tell her there are more ants she will send somebody that day. I lost my job this year and they have helped us out this year with payment plans and skipping a month if need be. And Chris Miceli is very detailed about with our house and is always on time.

Sue K from Raleigh wrote:

Dear Mr. Canning,

Thank you for providing the services of Economy Exterminators to the home of my elderly client with dementia this July. Her home was badly infested by roaches, compounding her health issues. The family was extremely appreciative of your work and willingness to help them.

I had the pleasure of working with Charles, who was organized and attentive to details. You have a great organization and I appreciate your assistance in helping this elderly couple in need.


Sue Koehler, MSW

Liberty Home Care, Raleigh


Paul and Sandee F from Cary wrote:

Dear Mr. Canning:

I wanted to tell you how impressed Paul and I are with your business philosophy. You care about each customer as a person, not just an account number. The technicians are all the "cream of the crop." They are polite, thorough in treating the property and even sweep cobwebs down on the outside.

In a world where most businesses focus on the number of stops they can pack into one day and what their bottom line will be, your company stands out as a "Business in search of Excellence."

When I learned your company had a Christmas tradition of matching contributions clients make to the Salvation Army, I thought to myself, this is a witness to the true character of you and your staff. Thank you for being a shining example of an outstanding business to the rest of the business world.

May God bless you and we wish you a Merry Christmas.

Paul and Sandee Folmsbee


Cathy F. G from Cary wrote:

Mr. King,

I just wanted to say thank-you so much for the wonderful job you and your colleagues did at our home. From the beginning evaluation and explanation, you spent the time to help us to understand what was needed and the rationale behind it. All of the other people involved, from the electrical crew, who let us know they were there under the house and would be working, to Arron( I apologize for not remembering how to spell his name), and then Brian, all were extremely courteous and professional. Economy exterminators did a great job in hiring all of these customer-service oriented, professional people and I would like to commend all of you for a job well done.

I realize that neither Tom or I were home at the time of completion, so I need to ask you how to get the down payment to you. Should we drop it off at the office? Should we mail it, and where should we mail it and to whom? Or will we get a billinvoice with instructions.?

Please send this to whomever up the chain of command needs to see it to see that it reaches all of the others I mentioned. I can not say enough. It was great working with all of you and I will definitely recommend your company to others. And by the way, the ants have already left the building!!!(and my dishwasher).


Sheryl S from Cary wrote:

I'm very happy with the service my mother and I received from Economy Exterminators. We had pest control service just recently with another national company and we are very happy with our decision to use Economy. Even though there is a slight difference in price, we feel you get what you pay for. Your sales representative, Daniel and service technician, Nate were extremely kind and helpful. Thank you so much for the great service and professionalism.

Bill K from Cary wrote:

We've enjoyed the superb service of Economy for a number of years. One morning I woke up with a Recluse spider bite on my arm. After I called the doctor, I called Economy. To my amazement, John, one of the owners came out personally. He combed the whole house hunting down the rascal and set traps. He was deeply concerned and checked back with me a few days later. Needless to say, thanks to John, I didn't get bitten again. From top to bottom, the Economy organization is the best around!

Alfred B from Cary wrote:

I write this letter in appreciation of your exterminating service. Our home and rental properties have been serviced by Economy Exterminators over the last 16 years. The management and staff have been very accommodating over this period and have always expeditiously solved any issue.

The technicians have been prompt, thorough, and courteous. They always inquire if we have had any pest problems since the last visit.

I have to compliment you for the great relationship we have enjoyed and will always recommend your company to anyone with a pest control issue.