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We are open and running outside service! Spring is pest season in North Carolina, and we are operational… we are just limiting contact as much as we can. If you have a pest problem or would like to start service give us a call! For our full COVID-19 statement on services please click here 

Call: 877-584-5678 or visit:

We hope that this greets you well and that you are all healthy and doing what you can do to stay engaged as life, work, and school as life has changed a bit. Economy Exterminators has compiled a list of things that might be helpful to everyone as we work through this pandemic as a local community, as a country, and as a global community. We appreciate your business, but moreover, we appreciate you as our neighbor… we are all in this together! Please check in with your elderly neighbors or with friends who may be immunocompromised and do our best to support each other. Empathy and kindness are contagious too!

We want to pass on information that the over-picked grocery store shelves are not telling the whole story. Our community is not in danger of running out of food, according to industry experts. Select items may be in short supply as residents prepared to hunker down in homes to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 Despite the rush, the supply chain for products like fruits, vegetables, and meat has not been disrupted. It’s taking stores a little more time to restock shelves, but the supply is available. If you have elderly neighbors that might not feel comfortable shopping or going out in public, help them order their groceries or help them with their shopping.

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If you have a confirmed case of Coronavirus or come in direct contact with an individual who has a confirmed case of Coronavirus, follow guidance provided by the CDC on what to do if you are sick:

Being cooped up in the house is hard… even for adults! Here are several helpful links to keep your kids entertained and learning during this period.  Note that a number of these links were provide from a larger list that has been circulating from Joy Novack Rosson and various sources. Many of the links below are free or free during this time.

If you just need to not supervise the kids for a while but feel guilty letting them just watch whatever, these sites have a list of educational shows on Netflix, YouTube and more that might do the trick:

If your school has not sent enough materials home or has not started a learn at home program these sites have you covered

The Arts

Fun Learning


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