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When you are experiencing pest issues in your home, you want immediate pest elimination and a quarterly ongoing protection plan to ensure your pest control issue does not reoccur. That’s where integrated pest management and Economy Exterminators comes in. 

Economy Exterminators’ Pest Elimination Plus is a customized pest control plan designed for your home and family to eliminate and prevent pests in and around your house. We will use our 46+ years of experience and, if necessary, our in-house residential entomologist (Ph.D.) to develop and implement this plan for you, considering your unique needs and concerns. Economy Exterminators’ Pest Elimination Plus program uses integrated pest management (IPM), focusing on safety and effectiveness.

Integrated Pest Management: Carolina Pest Control

IPM is a process in which pest risk and the risks associated with pest treatments (such as pesticide exposure) are minimized simultaneously. We apply treatments strategically, ensuring that children, adults, and pets are protected from the potential dangers of pests and the products used to eliminate and prevent them.

Integrated pest management is successful because it focuses on the pest’s behaviors and hones in hard-to-reach areas that accommodate them.

Biology & behavior

Biology and behavior allow us to recognize the specific pest’s life processes and habits, enabling our pest control pros to pinpoint only the areas that need attention. This precision targeting method allows us to use the least amount of treatment product with the greatest effectiveness.

Crack & crevice treatments 

Crack and crevice treatments include intentionally applying materials in areas that pests love but are difficult for children, adults, and pets to contact. 

Integrated Pest Management With Economy Exterminators

Learn how IPM and Economy Exterminators can help your family or business with pest control in the Carolinas. Contact us today!

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