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One of the questions we get from customers is: “Can you keep rodents away with DIY methods?”  We asked our resident expert, Dr. Ken Ahlstrom, to investigate top researched DIY methods and report back…

DIY Method 1: Cats

It’s true! Cats do a very good job and controlling mice (not so much rats). We hardly ever have to bait for mice in houses that shelter domestic cats. Some people don’t want to have cats as pets, so rodent baiting and trapping remains their only way of controlling or eliminating a rodent problem (mice, rats).

DIY Method 2: Kitty Litter

I was not aware of this type of pest control so like anyone else I went to Google. It appears that when one places kitty litter near possible points of entry into their home’s cats go by and use the bathroom in the litter thus creating an odor of cat urine and it prevents mice from crossing that entry point. This probably would work but until now I did not know anyone used this method, nor have I seen this method used. Seems like it could get messy when many of the neighborhood cats start using the litter and probably create catfights!

Pest infographic- Economy Exterminators

Proven Rodent Elimination Method: Economy Exterminators

Economy Exterminator’s Pest Prevention Service guarantees control of rats and mice, and our service technicians will investigate at each service visit to see if there is any rodent activity around your home or in your crawl space. Our service technicians will try to seal entrance ways on the exterior if an opening is the size of a dime a mouse can gain entry. Mice and especially rats can also gnaw an entrance into the house, they can easily gnaw wood, vinyl, and masonite. Sealing these entrances with steel wool or other products does a good job of keeping rodent activity at bay. We also use caulk to seal entry points, which prevents rodents from chewing holes into your home. We will also use traps, bait and glue boards to get fast knockdown of a rodent population and then rely on baiting in tamper-proof containers and exclusion to maintain the program.


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