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Economy Exterminators is seeking a person to work full-time this summer. This would be a great position for a college student not taking classes this summer. You can start working full time when you get done with exams in May and stop working just before classes resume in the fall. The hourly rate is $12.75 per hour with time and a half for overtime. You will average 50 hours a week ($701.25). We will give you one week off, if you desire. If you work 12 weeks, you can make around $8,400 this summer. Also, we will give you a $500 bonus if you work up to your agreed upon final day for the summer. On the job training will be provided, all tools and equipment, and vehicle.

Must pass drug screening, have an excellent driving record, and a clean criminal background. Job description requires you to be able to crawl under homes, communicate with customers, act in a professional manner, and drive safely to and from appointments. You will be providing pest services and helping with termite treatments, and other various tasks.


To apply, click here or to get more information on working at Economy Exterminators visit our Employment page by clicking here



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