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The Carolinas have a lot going for them: the beaches, the mountains, and great weather! People love it here… and so do TERMITES.

Discover more about termite colonies in the Carolinas and how Economy Exterminators help navigate pest control.

The Plague of the Termites in the Carolinas

Termites cause over 5 billion dollars worth of damage a year. Another $2.2 billion each year is spent on the control of termites alone. These aggressive wood-eating pests can wreak havoc on a home or structure, especially in the Carolinas, where our temperate climate and humidity make for a perfect habitat. Quality pest control in NC and SC is your best guarantee against an infestation. At Economy Exterminators, our termite protection plan is backed by a solid reputation and 46+ years of experience in the Carolinas.

Economy Exterminators is dedicated to our employees’ continued education. We also take part in helping advance new technologies in the field, most recently in this study held at North Carolina State University (NCSU) about the termites in our communities.

The NCSU Termite Study

Subterranean termites are known to vary geographically across the United States. There are many termites in North and South Carolina, but how many are we talking about? Entomologists at North Carolina State University assessed the number and locations of termite colonies on 20 infested residential properties in central North Carolina, where subterranean termite pressure is considered heavy.

This study was achieved using microsatellite markers collected over 6-14 months from mud tubes in structures (like the very effective Sentricon® Baiting System, which Economy Exterminators provides to clients), below-ground monitors, and wood debris in the yard. In total, in these 20 properties, 188 distinct colonies were identified. That’s approximately 25 colonies per acre! *In four cases, two colonies were infesting a structure simultaneously* – This is a staggering amount of termites moving around North and South Carolina properties at any given time.

The Solution to Termites in the Carolinas

These results provide the most detailed picture of the number, distribution, and colony characteristics of subterranean colonies of termites in residential structures in the Carolinas. Thanks to studies like this, we can employ cutting-edge technologies, like Sentricon®, and tailor our approach when dealing with pests like termites.

We want to thank our Quality Control Manager, Daniel Harris, who supplied data points and was part of this termite study. Economy Exterminators has over 46 years of experience with pest control in the Carolinas. Our expert knowledge, backed by our in-house entomologist, gives our customers the trust they need to know that their pest-elimination emergency will be solved.

When a professional pest control solution becomes necessary, read about the benefits of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions.

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Whether you have a question about pests or want an in-depth termite protection plan, Economy Exterminators are your go-to pest control experts in the Carolinas.

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