When you’re experiencing a real pest problem on your property, eliminating the immediate infestation is not enough. Even after pest control treatments have eradicated the existing problem, new colonies of pests can show up in about 60 days. The only 100% effective way to stop pests is with an ongoing pest prevention plan like Economy Exterminator’s Pest Elimination Plus program.

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Pests covered by the Pest Elimination Plus program

Our Raleigh exterminators can tackle a whole host of common household pests with our ongoing pest elimination program. These pests include :

Not sure what pest has invaded your home or business? Reference our pest identification library to compare insects. Our Raleigh pest control experts have compiled a directory of their knowledge so you can get an idea of what kind of pest you are dealing with.

Our Raleigh Pest Elimination Plus program incorporates the best in pest management, pest extermination & pest prevention, plus…

  • Guaranteed coverage against 44 covered pests (included above)
  • 37-point inspection/survey
  • A customized, continuing pest control plan for your unique needs
  • Precision targeting based on your specific Raleigh pest control profile
  • Spider web & wasp nest removal
  • Ongoing pest detection by traps & monitors
  • One-call resolution for unlimited extra pest control services if necessary
  • The convenience of E/Z Pay (credit card or automatic draft)
  • A free written Wood Destroying Insect Survey (WDIS) & report at your request
  • Backed by the best guarantee in the business!

Raleigh integrated pest management: Focusing on safety & effectiveness

Economy Exterminators’ Pest Elimination Plus program uses integrated pest management (IPM), focusing on safety and effectiveness:

  • Integrated pest management is a process in which pest risk is minimized while simultaneously minimizing the risks associated with pest treatments (such as pesticide exposure). We apply treatments strategically, ensuring that children, adults and pets are protected from the potential dangers of pests and the products used to eliminate and prevent them.
  • Biology & behavior – Knowing the specific pest’s life processes and habits enables our pest control pros to pinpoint only the areas that need attention. This precision targeting method allows us to use the least amount of treatment product with the greatest effectiveness.
  • Crack & crevice treatments include intentionally applying materials in areas that pests love but that are difficult for children, adults and pets to contact.
  • Raleigh pest control service – We recognize that the types of pests you face are different. Pest control in Raleigh is different from pest control in Charlotte or pest control in Wilmington. Our plans are custom tailored to your location and your home’s pest control needs.

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