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Ants, ants, and more ants… do you have these pests? You’re certainly in good company! Ants are social insects and usually live in large colonies. Their colonies are made up of 3 types: queen, workers, and reproductives. In North Carolina, we have many species of ants, but the main three that homeowners deal with are Odorous House Ant, Imported Red Fire Ant, and the Argentine Ant.

Economy Exterminators eliminates the source of the ants:

A highly effective solution for ants is the use of Fipronil (around the exterior of the homes or buildings). This is a non-repellant insecticide, so the ants travel through it, get it on their bodies, and then carry it back to the nest where it rubs off on the other ants in the nest. Fipronil is a slow-acting treatment, so the colony starts dying and ants can’t tell where they’ve encountered it. Economy Exterminators will treat areas in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other places where ants are present. This, along with an interior baseboard application of other materials, does a great job of controlling an ant infestation. In our 40+ years of pest control, we have seen that baits, sugar traps, and other DIY ant extermination solutions for these types of ants have not proven very successful for customers in the past.

ants in the homeFire ant infestation on your property:

Fire ant control is usually done with baits and applied directly on the mounds, which is then broadcasted throughout the affected area. Economy Exterminators does this type of application very frequently for athletic fields and parking lots. It works very well but fire ants always have a way of coming back in a few months. If you find fire ants on your property (commercial or residential) we will work with you to come up with an effective solution to your fire ant issue.

Pest infographic- Economy Exterminators

How you can help:

The best way to prevent ants is to clean up any food items in the home. This is hard to do, but one can try.  When an ant scout finds a source of food or protein, they lay down a pheromone trail that other ants follow to the source, the more ants that go there the stronger the trail becomes. For the most part, eventually, ants will find a way into a house. Although ants are extremely annoying pests to have, Economy can help! If you have an ant problem, give us a call today.


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