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April is National Pest Management Month

Economy Exterminators is a QualityPro Pest Management Company. Pest control professionals play an essential role in protecting public health – we are proud of what we do! Throughout April, Economic Exterminators join others in the professional pest control industry to...

Get your moisture issues solved in these steps

Do you have moisture issues in your crawl space? If you’ve recently found that your crawl space has moisture issues, you’re probably wondering how to remediate this problem. Southern summers are humid, and humidity that is trapped in your home creates moist air...

Ticks… What You Need To Know!

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? Do you worry about ticks? We know the summers are fun to get out and about, and in North Carolina, hiking and spending time in nature is at the top of all of our lists. Something that we all think about when out and exploring...

Ants, Ants, and more Ants!

In the south, pest season starts as soon as we say “farewell” to chilly temperatures. As we start to welcome warm days, insect pests also begin to enjoy the warmth. Warmer weather and changes in the daylight length trigger a variety of pests to move in or out of a...

Mosquitos… the REAL backyard threat

Murder hornets… not a real threat to us. The real murder insect is the mosquito… why? Mosquitos spread disease and make it uncomfortable (and sometimes deadly) to go outside. What is the real threat of the common mosquito? “People are afraid of the...
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